The development team has gone out and adopted the cutest Sheeb’s in the Metaverse, and has provided them with all the resources they need to succeed in their mission of creating wealth for holders! During Phase 1, the following will take place:
-The core team brings together a highly experienced group of individuals to launch Sheeb, including the best developers, artists, game designers, marketers, influencers, and moderators!
- Development begins on our unique smart contract, to ensure the best performance from our Pro-Pump deflationary mechanism.
- Development begins on our P2E (Play to Earn) game by our in house team of experienced blockchain game developers.
- Team starts building social media accounts and developing our unique custom website, along with our Baa’Paper (Whitepaper) and Baa’Map (Roadmap.)
- White List marketing partnerships with known call groups starts.
- White List Investors participate in our private sale.
- Contract audited by a reputable audit provider.
- Development of the Sheeb Community to ensure a strong team of supporters (Sheeb Army) who understand the $SHEEB mission! This ensures potential new investors have their questions answered quickly, and helps to avoid and kill all FUD!
- Release of the Alpha version game. Early members received special access to before its available to the public on launch date.
- Soft marketing campaign to start acquiring new investors for our pre-sale.
-Launch on ‘TBA’ launch pad.
- After completion of the successful pre-sale, we will lock the LP and launch on UNISWAP!
- Launch mass marketing campaigns across Twitter, with a strong emphasis on popular influencers. Team will also pursue other strong marketing avenues with great ROI!
-Release our Beta version of ‘Sheeba Adventure’ which will be available to play on our website on launch day!
- Coin Market Cap, Coin Gecko, Crypto.com, Coinbase listings.
- 1000 TG Members and 1000 Holders.
- Sheeba theme song by a micro celebrity artist.
- Release custom gear made by the SHEEB Team (ex: Sweaters, T-Shirts, Hats, and other merch!)
- Start the development of the #SheebDAO to create governance of the $SHEEB token.
- Partnerships with large influencers and celebrities. These relationships are already in place and being developed, and we’ll be pushing out content through them after launch of the token.
- Integrating our first purchasable NFT’s into the game. Players will be able to build and play as their custom unique Sheeba for a better gameplay experience. NFT’s will allow players to earn rewards faster while playing the game!
The Sheeb Team will continue to work on developing new and exciting use cases for $SHEEB token. The team will focus on perfecting existing use cases, rolling out updates to improve functionality, and maintain a high level presence in the Sheeb chats. The Sheeb team aims to be highly transparent, and listen to the community. The team will always be accepting input from the community about the future and will be taking that into account as we plan for phase 3!